about us

Handysize Chartering Pool Team operates The Freight Exchange platform. The purpose of The Freight Exchange platform is to offer an agreement for the vessels with one click. In this way, you can get STEM in a tight time with an expert, innovative support.

The Freight Exchange platform aims to provide you with the most suitable ship considering the possibility of developing together to make the bid in the shortest period commercially, with all the necessary experience to reach you with only a single click. The Freight Exchange aims to provide you with a fast and efficient working infrastructure by studying all requirements online for the intended customers, keeping them away from all kinds of risks and offering a fair deal. The benefits of the system are to save time, gain time for the customer, make an agreement with the right conditions within the framework of the minimum risk, and keep all your information and rights.

In this complex industry where information is growing exponentially and travelling faster every day, our mission is to be at the cutting edge of the market and to carefully interpret and evaluate the generated information and provide valuable advice to our many clients. We aim to consistently execute our clients business in a professional manner, always following transactions from start to finish with a level of service that will exceed our clients expectations.