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Indices are average weekly global market figures for vessels. These averages are calculated for more than 20 million lines. Ship tonnage and types are as follows.

Capesize: Basis a Capesize 172,000mt dwt, not over 10 years of age,190,000cbm grain max. Loa 289m,max.beam 45m, draft 17.75m, 14.5knots laden, 15.0 knots ballast on 56mts fuel oil no diesel at sea.

Panamax: Basis a Panamax 74,000mt dwt, not over 12 years of age, 89,000cbm grain max. Loa 225m, max. draft 13.95m, 14.0knots 32/28 fuel oil laden/ballast and no diesel at sea.

Supramax: Standard “Tess 58” type vessel with grabs as follows: 58,328 mt dwt self trimming singledeck on 12.80m ssw189.99m loa 32.26 m beam 5ho/ha 72,360 cbm grain 70,557 cum bale 14L on 33mt /14.5B on 32mt (380cst) no mdo at sea Cr 4 x 30 mt with 12 cum grabs Max age 15yrs.

Handysize: Basis a 28,000mt dwt, self trimming single deck bulkcarrier on 9.78mssw 169m LOA 27m beam. 5 ho/ha. 37,523 cum grain 35,762 cum bale 14 knots average laden/ballast on 22 mt ifo (380) no diesel at sea. 4 x 30mt cranes. Maximum age 15 years.