The Freight Exchange Users Manuel

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Important Notices

  1. Please select the cargo and port details from the drop down window in order to ensure proper calculation.

  2. Please select Laycan dates from dates column.

  3. Please type cargo quantity minimum to maximum for example 30000 mts 10 pct moloo means minimum 27000 mts, maximum 33000 mts.

  4. Please select a daily report in main deck, System will send daily updated open suitable vessels with freight analyze by e-mail.

  5. When Client leave the canal checkbox blank, system will estimate distance based on the direct route, If you leave select system appoint shortest distance.

  6. At the Report Deck, Please click Green Plus for estimation details. On the detail range, Client will find out all estimations and details of the vessel.

  7. Please click DWCC or Dates or Freight Rate to sort out vessels accordingly.

  8. You can establish our chain to fix the most appropriate vessel with our channel by clicking “Line up”.

  9. ¬†Please watch out “How it works” video here