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The Freight Exchange is recreating the Chartering Business

Handysize Chartering Pool motto is to provide our clients with instant market knowledge and experience so developed “The Freight Exchange”. There should be no fee, we have to support customers in this way and ensure that they fix the most appropriate vessel.

The Freight Exchange is a Freight Trading Platform for the dry bulk market. The system makes the trading business efficient, convenient and fast. The innovative structure offers the opportunity to fix vessels on the actual market conditions with one click.

The Freight Exchange designed to the highest standard of maritime ethics practice. To keep our credibility at the highest level, system users should first get approval to use our membership community. We have priorities such as reference, insurance. All orders made in the system receive fast returns and prevent unethical situations.

Our customers should perform the chartering process within all the opportunities presented to them on a priority system in accordance with our code of ethics. Conversely cases, customers are warned and prevented from entering the system as a result.

Experience in the Freight Rate advisory business provides us with a unique insight into the Drybulk Shipping Market anywhere in the World.


Just enter a few basic items then all information you may need regarding your calculation is in front of you within a few seconds.


The Freight Exchange calculates the actual rate on the master craftsman through the open vessels in your loading zone and indicates the most appropriate vessels.


The Freight Exchange Platform built to make the chartering process more efficient regarding the practical rules, experience, and ethics.

Quality information flow experience-based algorithms

The Freight Exchange calculates the actual rate on the master craftsman through the open vessels in your loading zone and indicates the most appropriate vessels. The Freight Exchange saves you time by verifying that the ship’s draft, ETA, built, class details are all right.

Most Important Problem on Chartering Market is to find best suitable vessel on position. Correct but the other important question is which freight level will be acceptable by this ship owners. The Freight Exchange offer members to track vessel open positions and analyze them about ETA, Tonnage, Draft and sort them with freight estimation. This module gives a chance to reach correct vessel rapidly and negotiation power with estimations.

Handysize Chartering Pool offers you to use our innovative chartering module and work for only best candidates to mentioned shipments. The Freight Exchange is calculating Tailor made freight rate for each suitable tonnage candidate and given the opportunity to work for only fitted candidates.

With the asset values created by our experienced brokers, we calculate the cost of each ship correctly. A special algorithm estimates asset values according to the specifications of the vessel such as tonnage, grain capacity, flag, speed, consumption, gears, built and TPC rates. The Baltic Report Daily Average Rates and Bunker Prices are regularly updated every day for the current market numbers.

This State-of-the-Art application simplifies evaluation of suitable vessels for mentioned shipment and is the perfect guide to the freight risk management and decision-making process.

Our motto is easy to use, reliable information flow. Our superiority is estimated accurate freight rate by the experience of our team on the digital platform.

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